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The Night of Shadows

Jacob woke up running.

It didn’t take long for memories from the past few hours to flood back. His sister’s latest disappearance, the foreign soldiers in the woods, his surge of magic that rivaled the greatest Sirathim legends.

All Jacob wanted was to become a librarian, but between his illegal connection to magic and the phantom voice in his head, his life had never been as simple as that. Now, as he searches for his lost sister through enchanting woods and morbid wastelands, it isn’t enough to fight his curses anymore. Unless he utilizes both his magic and the Voice, his sister will die . . . if she’s lucky.

As he battles ancient monsters, raids terrifying dungeons, and wrestles with the Voice, he faces a heart-wrenching decision: will he protect his sister, or will he sacrifice her safety for the greater good of a city ruled by an irredeemable tyrant?

The Night of Shadows approaches.
"A masterpiece of fiction."
–Not Chuck Norris
About Me

Markus Bitner

Author and Composer
Hailing from the Canadian Prairies, Markus Bitner is the author of The Night of Shadows, the first installment in the Secrets of Silence trilogy. Aside from reading and writing fantasy novels, he occupies his time composing music, performing piano wherever he can, and pondering life's most enigmatic questions.
"I may be the face of madness to you, but even I know better than to embrace death."
- Markus Bitner, The Night of Shadows


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